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The Real Estate Coach

It’s a fact: you’ll never get rich just working for a living. The only sure way to achieve real wealth and the freedom it buys is by letting your investments work for you. And, as self-made multimillionaire Brad Sugars proves, the quickest and safest route to the kind of “passive” income it takes to live the dream is real estate investment.

In The Real Estate Coach, Sugars delivers the same easy-to-understand-and-use strategies that brought him and millions of his clients success.

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6 Levels of Entrepreneurs

The author of “Billionaire in Training,” Brad Sugars explains how to be in business for yourself and how the 6 Levels is designed to give you the framework to understand yourself and the thoughts you have that got you where you are now, but most importantly, you will get the tools to grow from where you are now to where you want to be.

Reason #26 Why “Business is Booming” – Build a Profitable Database

Get rid of that dusty Rolodex!

The World’s #1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars, is currently on a 52-city tour across North America, giving his 28 reasons why his “Business is Booming.”

#26 – Building a Database

What business wouldn’t like to have a bigger database?

5 Ways to Massive Profits

This instructive and astute montage centers around Brad Sugars’ formula for the 5 Ways to Massive Profits. The author of “Instant Cashflow” and “The Business Coach,” Brad Sugars explains step-by-step his “business chassis” to increase profits and build an amazingly powerful, super-producing, profit-yielding business.

Brad Sugars’ Formula for Life Success

Brad Sugars’ formula for life success is Be X Do = Have.  In order to have what you want to have, you need to be the person you want to be and do what you need to do. Positive thought without positive ACTION leaves you with positively nothing!

Reason #4 – Why “Business is Booming”

Do you take ownership of your business?  Can you pass Brad Sugars’ test to see if you really own a business?

The World’s #1 Business Coach, Brad Sugars, is currently on a 52-city tour across North America, giving his 28 reasons why his “Business is Booming.”

#4: Response – Ability

Billionaire in Training by Brad Sugars – Book Review

Aim higher by understanding how to build your net worth and cash flow. From Real Estate to stock market investing to buying, growing and selling companies – this book summary of Billionaire in Training, by Brad Sugars, outlines vital information for anyone looking to increase their wealth.

Instant Advertising by Brad Sugars – Book Review

Create ads that stand out and sell. From direct mail, radio, magazine ads, and television, Brad Sugars’ book outlines how to design, write, and create ads with an optimum “buy appeal”.

Instant Cashflow by Brad Sugars

Boost the bottom line of your business and then generate hundreds of promising new leads. This book summary of Instant Cashflow, by Brad Sugars, outlines the basic strategies that every business should follow to turn their business into a cash cow.

Instant Leads by Brad Sugars – Book Review

Overcome the challenge of getting new customers and learn how to generate effective, cost-efficient leads through better advertising using the top tested and measured strategies. Instant Leads, by Brad Sugars, outlines what you need to do and how to do it in order to generate more and better quality business leads. Learn more by visiting


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